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A Pratical Guide on Root Cause Analysis

Don't stay on the surface, start digging

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We often think the world of problem-solving is easy – one cause for a problem. Reality check, it’s not. Problem-solving is dirty, chaotic and full of uncertainty. In real life, it’s even unusual to have a single cause and only a single effect. Systems contain many cause-effect relationships that interrelate in complex ways so that it is often not clear what causes it. Deciding what to change is often even more problematic because the people with experience often have only a narrow view of the parts of the system they interact with. They don’t see the bigger picture. So yes, this cause analysis is essential in finding solutions.

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Jasper Bosmans

Business Architect - Trainer

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Jasper Bosmans is a passionate Business Architect. With experience in Business Analysis, Functional Analysis, and Innovation Management, Jasper strives to solve companies' most challenging problems with (technological) solutions to accelerate growth & optimize the customer experience.

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