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Remote Project Teams

How to make the WAT-relation (working apart together) work?

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Course description

 Before 2020 a movement was brewing within knowledge-work organizations. Personal technology and digital connectivity had advanced so far and so fast that people had begun to ask, “Do we really need to be together, in an office, to do our work?” We got our answer during the pandemic lockdowns. We learned that many of us don’t need to be in the same office space with colleagues to do our jobs. Individuals, (project)teams, entire workforces, can perform well while being apart. The belief is that remote teams are here to stay. However, it is important to recognize that working in remote project teams requires adjustments to take full advantage of the benefits and to deal efficiently with the threats.

This online course will help you to work apart together by providing insights into the factors that make a ‘winning project team’, by discussing the opportunities and pitfalls that teams will experience in working remotely and by giving tips to avoid and overcome the pitfalls. 

About the teacher

Sander D'Huys

Senior soft skill trainer, coach and project owner

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Senior soft skill trainer, coach and project owner. Experienced in providing counseling and training to future business -, functional - and technical analysts.

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