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The best way to grow your process modeling skills. Roll up your sleeves and model for real. Follow our BPMN Basics course for free.

The only interactive BPMN course

Do you want to learn the basics of BPMN 2.0 and practice your process modeling skills at the same time? Do you want it to be fun and engaging as well?

Look no further. In our interactive Model & Learn environment, you can follow our step-by-step guides to learn how to create solid BPMN models. It’s practical. It’s fun. It’s immersive. And it’s something you haven’t experienced before.

BPMN Basics: an interactive course

Our interactive BPMN Basics course is probably the best process modeling course you'll find in the e-learning world. Why? It's fully focused on learning by doing.

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Death by e-learning? No more.

Building fun and entertaining e-learning experiences is -to say the least- challenging. Especially when you want to teach complex skills like modeling a process or database.

Our BPMN learning experience makes learning fun again. Don't believe us?

Just listen to what others have to say.

Why a new way of learning?

A new interactive way of learning. Why? At The Master Channel, we have a clear vision of how a learning experience should be to maximize learning ROI. How? Fun, engaging and practice-based. Real-time feedback and exercises that challenge you to solve bigger problems every time. All crucial elements behind this new, better way of learning.

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