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Information Model Poster: clearly define what matters for your business

Information modeling has been invented many years ago – and it’s here to stay (even in the Age of Agile).

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For many years now, it has surpassed its purpose to only design & optimize database schemas. Essentially, information modeling is about providing clarity about the “things” that matter most to the business. These things and their relationships are stored and tracked by the business and should be clearly defined.

One of the best techniques to do this is building an entity-relationship (ER) diagram. And that’s exactly what our latest poster is all about!

Compared to some other techniques in business analysis, information modeling is straightforward. To build even the most complex and large data models, we only need three basic elements: entity types, attribute types and relationship types.

But this simplicity hides the true power of the entity-relationship diagram. The complexity lies not within the elements but in how those elements are used in practice.

This poster presents the “anatomy” of a good information model. It introduces different entity types (kernel, characteristic, derived and reference), multiple attribute types (normal, primary keys and foreign keys), and a way to express business rules using optionality and cardinality specifications on relationships.

By using this poster, you’ll be able to boost your information modeling skills!

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