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How To BPMN: decide which element you need in what situation

With this poster, you'll never have to google 'how to do BPMN 2.0' ever again.

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In the past months, two downloads have been published (BPMN Fundamentals, BPMN Pro) that explain the BPMN elements in great detail. They are extremely popular and are our most downloaded resources to date. Our conclusion: BPMN rocks!

Although I have explained every element in detail in those previous posters, I haven’t shown you yet how to choose the element you need in a particular situation — interested to know more? Then keep on reading!

This poster contains nine decision trees about nine topics in BPMN and guides you to the element you have to use based on the questions you should ask yourself. With this poster, you'll never have to google 'how to do BPMN 2.0' ever again.

Don’t know when to use an inclusive gateway? This poster tells you you should use it when you want to activate non-exclusive multiple paths. Don’t know when to use a loop? This poster says you should use it when you don’t know how many times you must execute a task, but there’s a condition that tells you when to repeat the task one more time. These tasks are repeated sequentially, one by one.

With this poster I want to answer these kinds of questions for you, so don’t hesitate…

Download it. Print it. Hang it on the wall.

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