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User Story Splitting Cheat Sheet: generate more value by building less

User stories. Everyone in your agile team knows what they are and it seems like everyone writes them.

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This common technique to capture the customer’s needs is used by most agile teams and although the benefits of the technique are clear, from time to time, things break down.

A sprint goal is missed, user stories are pushed to the next sprint and retrospectives highlight issues with the user stories. Too big. Too complex. Too many dependencies. Too much vagueness.

Above all: no value has been created.

Isn’t there any way to avoid this? Is there, perhaps, a way to create more value by building less?

  • Of course, there is. You can use this ONWARDS poster.

  • It is your cheat sheet to remember the most important user story splitting patterns.

What’s on the cheat sheet?

  • This poster gives an overview of the 7 ONWARDS patterns that can be applied to split your user stories into pieces.

  • These patterns will help you to split a user story into two or more new user stories that can be estimated, detailed and build independently.

Let those big user stories come. From now on we’ll split them into pieces!

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