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TMC Newsletter August 2020


Welcome to the official TMC newsletter for August 2020. Here we will inform you on everything that is happening at The Master Channel and the wider digital transformation world.

New courses and tracks

We currently have 28 courses available on The Master Channel. In July we launched 2 new courses. Want to know what new courses are coming up? Read on.

Domain Project Management

Just launched Fundamentals of Project Management

In this course, you'll be able to learn how you can manage different obstacles that may arise during a project with a proven set of competencies, tools, and techniques. In the end, this will help you to increase your effectiveness and efficiency to deliver projects successfully.


Domain Lean & Agile

Just launched MVPs Demystified

MVPs are an essential part of the agile way of working, and of getting the right products delivered efficiently. In this course you'll learn about the importance of MVPs to receive feedback and learn from it.


Domain Change Management

Coming in August Storytelling

Roughly estimated, there are 5.7 billion terrible presentations each year. Let’s say that around 99% of presentations suck. If we can improve only 1% with this course, we’ve made a significant impact.


Domain Product Management

Coming soon Product management

Finally understand the different levels from the delivery of products to achieving long-term, sustainable change in people’s lives with your product.



Interesting links

We often encounter interesting content that allows for a critical reflection of how we're working and what we're working on. We feel like sharing these will help you to expand your horizon and to become better at your job.

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Partnership IIBA

We can proudly say that The Master Channel is an IIBA EEP making it possible for our users to collect PD hours and CDUs to work towards your ECBA, CCBA, and CBAP with courses on TMC. For all business analysis related courses from The Master Channel followed from January 2020 onwards, you'll be able to collect PD Hours and CDUs.


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TMC Summer Skills 2020

You guys embraced the challenge and accomplished awesome results. Congratulations to everyone that obtained a certificate! 100 certificates have been obtained by 52 people and more than 400 hours of video have been watched on The Master Channel.


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Get the Job Done with These 7 Great Software Development Methodologies

Looking for the best software development methodology? Then here are some great suggestions. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular software development methodologies.



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Use the downloads to start putting your newfound knowledge into practice. In June we released a poster about the anatomy of a decision table. We'll notify you when new downloads are available. Did you know that we currently have 11 downloads already? Check all of them here.


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