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Just released: Storytelling

The course everyone needs, but no one knows they need.

It's Monday 3:30 PM. You're standing in front of the board trying to convince them to go ahead with your project. 
After giving them an update on the current state of the LMS system, you're taking them through the resources needed to improve it. 
You notice the CFO is drifting off, the HR director is sifting through her emails. The operations manager asks you: "Why would we go ahead with this project, enlighten me?"
You stumble a bit and try to defend the project but interest in your story is clearly low. How can they not see why this new LMS is necessary? No one is currently learning anything.
In the end, the CEO suggests to look at some more details and postpones the decision of the project until the next meeting.

This is not what you wanted, how can this have happened? Maybe they just didn't get it.

Blaming your audience is easy, but that's not fair is it? 

By our estimate 99% of presentations suck. Maybe yours did too? How can you improve this? How to tell better stories? By following our new course.

Follow the practical guidelines and interesting tips in this course to improve your storytelling skills. 

Ps: once you followed the course, read this again to see a practical example of the storytelling technique. It's not only useful when presenting.

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