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TMC Back To Work 2020 - closed

You guys embraced the challenge and accomplished awesome results. Congratulations to everyone that obtained a certificate!


Our ten-day action 'TMC Back To Work 2020' came to an end.
During these ten days, each one of you was able to obtain a 'back-to-work-survival package'.
On top of that,  for every certificate you obtained, you had a chance of winning a golden ticket worth 150 euros.

Are you also on pins and needles to know what the golden ticket is about?
Well, time is now! Our golden ticket is a €150 Amazon gift card.

Curious about the results of our ten-day challenge?

130 certificates
have been obtained by
78 people
and more than
440 hours
of video have been watched on The Master Channel.

An innocent hand-pulled one winner for the golden ticket out of the pot with all the entries. You can find out for yourself if you are the winner by taking a close look at your survival package. More tips will follow!

To all participants: you will receive an email with further instructions on how to receive your 'back-to-work-survival package'.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest.


Batteries fully charged? Check!
Ready to roll? Check!
But... not quite sure that you have the right skills to tackle your everyday challenges?

That's why we created our TMC Back to Work 2020 challenge. A challenge in which we want to encourage you to expand your knowledge and skills. This challenge runs from 1 September to 10 September. That's 10 days to go all out on improving your skills.

Does this sound interesting? But are you still looking for the right course that fits your needs? Take our test and find your matching course.

Have you found your ideal course? Perfect!
Because we're all in this together, we reward everyone who obtains one certificate with a 'back-to-work-survival package', delivered to your home. Don't worry we'll contact you with the details after obtaining your certificate.

But there is more. For every certificate you obtain, you have a chance of winning a golden ticket worth 150 euros. More on this later.

So, are you also on pins and needles?

Don't forget to take a look at the rules and conditions here.

Regular updates will be posted on the website, LinkedIn, and in your mailbox.

Stay tuned and good luck!

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