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TMC Newsletter September 2020


Welcome to the official TMC newsletter for September 2020 Here we will inform you on everything that is happening at The Master Channel and the wider digital transformation world.

New courses and tracks

We currently have 29 courses available on The Master Channel. In July we launched 2 new courses. Want to know what new courses are coming up? Read on.

Domain Change Management

Just launched Storytelling

Roughly estimated, there are 5.7 billion terrible presentations each year. Let’s say that around 99% of presentations suck. If we can improve only 1% with this course, we’ve made a significant impact.


Domain Change Management

Coming in September Advanced Stakeholder Analysis

This course provides practical tools and techniques to help you understand and balance stakeholder views. These techniques will allow you to better understand, connect, and engage with your stakeholders, which will contribute to enabling better project outcomes.


Domain Lean & Agile

Coming in September The Agile Dilemmas

The Agile Dilemmas is our course that consists of episodes. After the first episode on 'Story points or hours', the next three episodes will follow in September. These will help you tackle your daily agile dilemmas. 


Domain Product Management

Coming soon Product Management Fundamentals

Finally understand the different levels of the delivery of products to achieving long-term, sustainable change in people’s lives with your product.


Domain Software & Technology

Coming soon Architecting for the Digital Age

Finally understand the different levels from the delivery of products to achieving long-term, sustainable change in people’s lives with your product.


The expert's opinion

Every month we invite one expert to provide his opinion on a hot topic in Digital Transformation. This month: Filip Hendrickx on why and how to challenge your MVPs. 

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EXPERT FILIP HENDRICKX - Why and how to challenge your MVPs

A nuisance to some, an enlightenment to others. Agile buzzwords and acronyms like Minimum Viable Product, Minimum Marketable Product and Minimum Lovable Product are a hot topic on discussion forums and boardrooms. In this expert's opinion, Filip Hendrickx explains how MVPs are an essential part of the agile way of working, and of getting the right products delivered efficiently.


Interesting links

We often encounter interesting content that allows for a critical reflection of how we're working and what we're working on. We feel like sharing these will help you to expand your horizon and to become better at your job.

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TMC Back To Work 2020

Last week we kicked off our ten-day action 'TMC Back To Work 2020'.  When you obtain a certificate on The Master Channel, from the 1st of September until the 10th of September, you will receive a 'back-to-work survival package'. On top of that, with each certificate you obtain, you have a chance to win a golden ticket that's worth 150 euros!


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Uncovering the Jobs That Cause Customers to Hire Products and Services

As an introduction to our 'Product Management Fundamentals' course that will soon be published, we would like to share the following article. This article will help you understand why people switch products. Also, it will offer you numerous techniques to better understand these processes.




Use the downloads to start putting your newfound knowledge into practice. In June we released a poster about the anatomy of a decision table. We'll notify you when new downloads are available. Did you know that we currently have 11 downloads already? Check all of them here.

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