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TMC Newsletter December 2020


Welcome to the official TMC newsletter for December 2020 Here we will inform you on everything that is happening at The Master Channel and the wider digital transformation world.

New courses and tracks

We currently have 31 courses available on The Master Channel. Want to know what new courses are coming up? Read on.

Domain Product Management

Coming soon Product Management Fundamentals

It’s not easy to go from an idea to a full-blown product and service that is ready to deliver a fantastic experience. This course will help you to achieve that outcome.



Domain Lean & Agile

Coming soon Kanban Fundamentals

Move beyond the basics of Kanban with our second episode course. With bite-sized content, you'll learn how to achieve continuous improvement with your team.



Domain Change Management

Coming soon Creative Ways to Organize (Digital) Workshops

This course provides you with a handy guide for workshops in times of remote working or digital transformation.



Domain Software & Technology

Coming soon Testing for Analysts

In this course, we don’t intend to train you to become a tester. Instead, we present the ins-and-outs of the testing domain, with a clear focus on what you need to know as an analyst.



Domain Problem Solving

Coming soon The Art of Problem Finding & Analysis

Solving problems is a skill many of us master. But unfortunately, we often put a lot of resources into solving the wrong problem. It’s time to change that. Let's train people on finding the best or the better problem to solve.



Interesting links

We often encounter interesting content that allows for a critical reflection of how we're working and what we're working on. We feel like sharing these will help you to expand your horizon and to become better at your job.

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The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More

In this video, Mark Rober explains 'The Super Mario Effect'. It's all about focusing on the Princess and not the pits, to stick with a task and learn more. Focus on the end goals, not the failures in between. The Super Mario Effect will lead you to more success and, therefore, more learning.

Watch now...


The expert's opinion

Every month we invite one expert to provide his opinion on a hot topic in Digital Transformation. This month Adrian Reed wrote us an expert opinion on how you can successfully implement change without losing sight of your key stakeholders.

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EXPERT Adrian Reed - Want to make change stick? Understand the people...

Have you ever worked on a project that was delivered on time, on budget, only to discover a sudden and unexpected resistance to the change that is being implemented? If so, you’ll understand the importance of understanding a wide range of stakeholder perspectives when working on a change project. Change is an undeniably human endeavor, and successful change traverses a careful path between them all.




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