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New feature: easily add your certificates to LinkedIn

From now on, you can add your certificates from The Master Channel right away to your 'licenses and certificates' on your LinkedIn profile with just a few simple clicks.

A certificate is your reward for all the hard work you put into it. You can be genuinely proud of this achievement. Enjoy every bit of it! Let's make visible to your network what you have already achieved. It is undoubtedly an added value to your profile. Let us help you make this happen by following the next steps.

1. Go to and navigate to your dashboard.

2. Click on 'Profile' in the menu on the left.

3. Open your 'Public profile link'.

4. Choose the certificate you want to add to your 'licenses and certificates' on LinkedIn and click on 'view my certificate'.

5. Click on 'Share my achievement on LinkedIn'.

6. Make sure the two boxes are checked and subsequently click on 'Share on LinkedIn'.

7. Now, you are redirected to LinkedIn. Make sure 'this credential does not expire' is checked and fill in the Issue Date. Click 'Save'.

8. Congratulations, you have gone through all the steps! our certificate is now visible on your profile under 'licenses and certifications' if all went well.

Don't hesitate. Be proud and start sharing!

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