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Just released: How to Find a Better Problem to Solve

Give me a crappy problem and a solution, and I will become your mercenary. I will solve the problem, but chances are the result will be terrible. Give me a great problem and let me find the best solution, then I will be your missionary.

Solving problems is a skill many of us master. But unfortunately, we often put a lot of resources into solving the wrong problem. It’s time to change that. Let's train people on finding the best or the better problem to solve.

This course ignores techniques, processes, and tools to find solutions to problems. And we do this on purpose. This course is entirely focused on the problem space.

We discuss techniques to write better problem statements that are specific, blame-free, and solution free. These problem framing techniques give people a deeper understanding of the problem. We then continue with a bunch of techniques to find a better problem to solve (problem reframing). Each of these can be applied immediately to look for better problems to solve.

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution!

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