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Just released: A Smarter Introduction to Scrum

The agile framework of Scrum is lightweight to understand but difficult to master.

This one sentence, originating from the official Scrum guide, couldn’t be more true. You can easily rehearse the different Scrum building blocks in just a few minutes. However, becoming proficient in Scrum to deliver real value is quite something else. Why? Because understanding its clever mechanisms and philosophy is crucial. Every single piece of Scrum is purposeful and deliberate. This is what most of the mainstream Scrum introduction courses, training, and blog posts fail to tell you. Or let’s be honest: they are close to crap.

In this course, we will provide you a smarter introduction to Scrum. We discuss in which circumstances and domains Scrum shines. Did you know it is not just about software development? To provide real value, Scrum lets us perform and manage work at the same time. We will cover this step by step. We also shouldn’t forget about the people, living up to the right cultural values when doing Scrum is indispensable. We won’t tackle concrete tools, techniques, and practices in detail in this course since the Scrum guide is very clear about this: it is up to the Scrum team to discover. Let’s Scrum together!

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