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Newsletter April 2021


Welcome to the official TMC newsletter for April 2021. Here we will inform you on everything that is happening at The Master Channel and the wider digital transformation world.

New courses and tracks

We currently have 35 courses available on The Master Channel. Want to know what new courses are coming up? Read on.

Domain Lean & Agile

Just launched A Smarter Introduction to Scrum

It is easy to rehearse the different Scrum building blocks in just a few minutes. However, becoming proficient in Scrum to deliver real value is quite something else. Why? Because understanding its clever mechanisms and philosophy is crucial. In this course, we will provide you a smarter introduction to Scrum. Let’s Scrum together!


Domain Problem Solving

Coming in April A Practical Guide on Root Cause Analysis

We often think the world of problem-solving is easy – one cause for a problem. Reality check, it's not. In this course, you'll learn how to analyze and find the root cause of a problem.


Domain Product Management

Coming soon Build Better Products

It’s not easy to go from an idea to a full-blown product and service that is ready to deliver a fantastic experience. This course will help you to achieve that outcome.


Domain Software & Technology

Coming soon Essential Architecture Skills

The increasing importance of architecture in the digital economy has dramatically increased the need for skilled architects. This course will introduce and reinforce the foundational skills of the architecture role.


Domain Software & Technology

Coming soon Testing for Analysts

In this course, we don’t intend to train you to become a tester. Instead, we present the ins-and-outs of the testing domain, with a clear focus on what you need to know as an analyst.


Interesting links

We often encounter interesting content that allows for a critical reflection of how we're working and what we're working on. We feel like sharing these will help you to expand your horizon and to become better at your job.

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5 changes in the 2020 Scrum Guide you should know about

November 18th, 2020, was probably one of the most exciting days on many fellow Scrum enthusiasts' agenda. In addition to celebrating the 25th anniversary of Scrum, the long-awaited new update of the Scrum guide saw the light of day. Lo and behold - it's a major update or not?
Let's find out what you need to know about Scum's latest update.



Use the downloads to start putting your newfound knowledge into practice. We'll notify you when new downloads are available. Did you know that we currently have 14 downloads already? Check all of them here.

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The Anatomy of a Sprint

This poster provides you an overview that allows you to create a high-level mental map that will help you understand, but most importantly, it enables you to master Scrum. Let this template be your sidekick as you get started with Scrum. Also, be sure to check out our course "A Smarter Introduction to Scrum", to which this poster is a companion. Let’s Scrum together!

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