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The Master Channel – Ready to build better

Meet our bold new look. There’s no denying it anymore: we’ve grown a lot since we first started. It’s time for our branding, and look to live up to it.

The Master Channel - Build Better

To be clear: there’s one thing that has not changed. Our goal, our mission remains the same.

We’ll teach you how to delight your customer with an experience that gets their job done and equip you with the skills to future proof your organization; to make sure you know how to build software that adds real value so you can achieve success in an efficient and agile way.

Over the years, we grasp even more how challenging it can be to find thorough and exhaustive training for digital transformation skills. Our goal is to fill this gap with hands-on and practical knowledge and create the best possible place to learn everything you need to build better products, organizations, teams, experiences, processes, …

Although we’ve always known this, it’s time to make sure the whole wide world knows it.

To do so, we took a closer look at our current branding and design and realized we could do better, build something better. So that's what we did; together with the entire team and Nathalie Kronal, accomplished user interface designer.

Ready for a deep dive?


Old logo TMC

Our old logo was loaded with a history that is unknown to a lot of people. Let’s set this straight: they’re not pencils; they’re mountains.

TMC New logo

Simple and modern, yet playful are words that come to mind when looking at the new logo. A more simple and modern version of our old logo with a playful and colorful touch. We’re focused on creating masters that climb proverbial mountains and push themselves to become better. Next to a clear nod to the M of Master, it represents the growth we are keen to help people realize.What’s more, is that there’s a lot of room to change things up creatively.

Color palette

Next step: our color palette. I suggest we don’t dive into too much detail about the history of this one… What seemed like a great and bold idea at first turned into some great laughs and reports of users needing eye surgery after visiting our homepage.

New color palette

The new color scheme brings back some peace and quiet, without being boring. The bold colors and their shades give everything a fierce, lively, and energetic touch.


We selected a clean and fresh sans serif font type that feels spacious yet comfortable for the basis of our typography. Fully tuned to accompany you on a learning journey that should leave you enough space to grow at your own comfortable pace.

Typography Atlas Grotesk

Although this already felt great, it only felt like a beginning, a perfect base. However, something was missing. Every rebranding exercise requires you to think in adjectives that come to mind when thinking about your company and the people behind it. Looking at what we penned down during that exercise, we realized: we do need something more.


The additional font type we selected for titles and details conveys that little extra we were looking for. It brings in the bold, brazen, whimsy feeling we were still missing. It fortified and enhanced what lies within us.

Typography GT Flexa

Design Elements

Working on the design of the new site and reflecting on what activities and feelings our field encompasses, there were some essential building blocks to emphasize.

Communication, creativity, teamwork, growth, support, and improvement are the ever-so-important softer side of business analysis. Supplemented with the right number of hard skills needed to solve problems and optimize processes, decisions, data and organizations.

It’s the combination of these building blocks that unite this field, us.


Incorporating these building blocks in the components, animations, and symbols of the new design allows us to celebrate what makes our field unique.

There’s a delightful Flemish word to describe our feelings towards the future: “goesting.” It means as much as the combination of the words enthusiasm, eagerness, excitement, hunger, fervor, impatience, yearning and thirst; and even more than that.

We’re ready for what’s next.

  • Let us teach you how to delight your customer with an experience that gets their job done

  • Let us teach you how to equip you with the skills to future proof your organization

  • Let us teach you how to make sure you know how to build software that adds real value.

  • Let us teach you how to achieve success in an efficient and agile way.

Get ready to learn better. To build better.

The Master Channel

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