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Just released - Agile Metrics: what to measure?

Starting with agile is easy, but measuring agile right is hard.

How do we know if we're still on track to meet our goal? How do you even define "on track" in an agile project? Do we want to know if we’re on track, or do we want to know something else?

This course is the first Tools & Resources course on The Master Channel. It’s the type of course where teachers share thoughts on and details of their favorite templates, experimental techniques, insightful data sets, practical tools and thought-provoking resources.

This course contains an insightful data set to help you monitor and measure an agile project's progress. Since there are so many ways to do so, it's normal to feel overwhelmed. Measuring agility might very well be one of the biggest challenges you'll face, but luckily this course can help you.

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Discover how to measure progress in an agile project from different standpoints and determine which metrics you need for your agile endeavor.

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