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Just released - Product Management Fundamentals: Build better products

The course ‘Product Management Fundamentals: Build better products’ is a new all-star on The Master Channel. This course shows you how we discover, design, build and deliver high-quality products.

Just released Product Management Fundamentals

It might be one of the most complicated challenges we face in an organization today: how do we build and do the right things for the right reasons for the right people?

Let me be frank with you: don’t expect a quick fix in this course. The bottom line of this course? Creating good -great products is hard work. There’s no magic solution that lets you do and build all the right things for the right people and achieve success right away. If that’s what you’re looking for and you’re not prepared to work hard and dig deep and show your customers that you care, well, let’s part ways right now.

To whoever remains, let us -and this course- be your most fantastic companion on this truly fascinating journey called product management. Be prepared to dig deep and start with the essential questions you might not even want to ask yourself.

  • Do you really know what product management is all about?

  • Do you really know what products are all about?

  • Do you really know how to build better products?

I cannot be sure of your answer right now, but I am certain you will be confident when answering these questions after you’ve followed the course.

I promise you, it’s a true gem packed with examples, assignments, interesting articles, and critical reflections to make sure you have everything you need to know to discover, design, build and deliver high-quality products.

Don’t be a mercenary, be a missionary. Start the course now!

Happy learning,

Manu and Pieter

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