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Just released: The Story Behind Scrum Roles

Are the right people doing the right kind of work? Find out in this course!

Did you just follow your first scrum training and receive your certificate? Great. But what now? How do you put this into practice? You want your team to adopt Scrum but need to know why your team members should accept and adjust to these new roles?

Or maybe your organization has embraced Scrum a long time ago, but you still wonder how Scrum roles differ from traditional project execution roles. Either way, you’re left with many unanswered questions on what these Scrum roles mean in real life.

In this course, I answer your questions. The core of this training is a spreadsheet you can download. I’ll go through how I compiled the spreadsheet to make sure you understand every step, but the real value can be found when you download it and use it as a tool. It will help you to determine if and to what extent the roles and responsibilities you have defined in your team match with what they should be doing to maximize your success potential!

Enjoy, Pieter

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