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Bored to death by elearning? Never again.


When we surveyed the state of our industry some months ago, we were truly disappointed.

BPMN Introduction Interactive course

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Let's face it, product innovation in our little corner of the education world is virtually non-existent.

We did a deep dive into our fellow business- and IT professionals' platforms for their education. What we found was disturbing. Video after video after video. Slide after slide after slide. Bad knowledge build-up. An incessant listing of facts. Hardly any engagement.

Every one of these platforms is committing deadly education sins every single day.

  • Fire up LinkedIn Learning: you'll find slides and videos.

  • Open up Udemy: Slides and videos.

  • Coursera? Slides and videos.

  • Good E-learning? You get it.

Death by e-learning.

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If you think about it, that is crazy. Building innovative products and services is what business analysts, product managers and service designers were born to do! But, unfortunately, slides and videos can't be the best way to learn.

We felt we could do better.

The Master Channel has always been a platform by and for business and IT professionals. Every one of our teachers is a professional expert - business analyst, process architect, SCRUM master, product manager, service designer, CX or UX professional. They innovate all day, every day, all over the world. Exactly the team we need for product innovation in education.

Even though we pride ourselves in already creating the best material for our target market, and even though we take complex skills development already very seriously using a combination of videos, assignments, cases, examples, slides, posters and more, we felt the need to take things further. Much further. To really innovate and create the absolute best way to learn a new complex skill.

We were on a mission. Instead of talking change and innovation - we wanted to be change and innovation.

The first fruit of this mission?

Model And LearnTM for BPMN.

Screenshot of Model and Learn course on The Master Channel

We are believers in learning by doing. So, that's what we created. A fully interactive learning environment embedded in a compelling story-driven course on BPMN that enables complex skill development.

What can you expect?

  • A compelling story that makes you care? Check.

  • Actually practicing what you learn? Check.

  • A progressive increase in difficulty? Check.

  • Accurate and timely feedback? Check.

  • A teacher that makes it personal? Check.

How did we go about designing this experience? Well, we:

  • Handpicked a top team of professionals

  • Took the best bits from established game design principles (not gamification, mind you - actual game design!)

  • Mixed those up with state of the art instructional design

  • Added just the right amount of cool, but purposeful, tech

  • Created a compelling narrative-driven course

  • And baked that to perfection in a top-notch BPMN oven.

Screenshot of video of Manu de Backer

We did all of this guided by an iterative, incremental, lean methodology, with loads and loads of hypothesis testing and validated learning, just like we teach at The Master Channel.

In our course, you will help Airbnb CEO Brian get to the bottom of some serious issues with the booking process. Are you up to the task?

We are confident that you have never experienced learning BPMN this way before and that you will not find a better way to learn it either.

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