Becoming Better Consultants

Being a consultant is the best job in the world, but comes with its own set of challenges. Follow this course to be better prepared and become the best version of yourself.
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Manu De Backer
Teacher "Becoming Better Consultants"



Questions and answers

What will you learn?

In the world of consulting, there is a common misconception about what it really means to become a top-notch professional. While many believe that intelligence is all it takes, the reality is far often more complex. In this course, I will provide you the necessary knowledge and mindset to become a better consultant.

Personal experience

With decades of hands-on consultancy experience, I've faced and overcome almost every hiccup you can think of. Each challenge has honed my skills, transforming me into the seasoned consultant I am today.

In this immersive course, I'll unveil the insights I've gathered, guiding you through the maze of tricky situations and instilling the mindset needed to excel as a top-tier consultant.

All aspects of the field

Dive into a comprehensive guide tailored for consultants aiming for excellence!

In this course, we'll uncover the unique mindset that sets apart top consultants. We'll also journey through the vital skills that can propel you to the forefront of the industry. And to cap it all off, we'll emphasize the art of upholding professionalism, equipping you with indispensable tips and techniques to elevate your consultancy journey.

Extensive material

Dive into 24 premium videos totaling nearly 3 hours of content, complemented by quizzes to enrich your learning.
Meet the instructor
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Manu De Backer

Professor - Trainer - Expert BA - Process Enthusiast - Smart Process Automation - Academic Director - Product Enthusiast
His focus on business processes is relentless, and as a consultant, he has helped many organizations in optimizing their process-oriented way of working. Driven by a love for great products and customer experiences, he helps organizations thrive in a complex business environment.

Professional development

The Master Channel - Mastery Level Certificate

Complete all the content of a course and earn a score of 80% or higher on the exam to earn your Mastery Level Certificate.