BPMN Case 1: Expense reimbursement

BPMN in practice. This is how you do it.





What will you learn?

The course is based on a simple case, one that has been used a lot: ‘Reimburse an expense request’. No, theory, No new methodology or No other BPMN elements, … Just the possibility to watch us resolve the case using the ingredients and recipe provided in the previous courses.
You can master this case in different ways, like the cooking masterclasses on television:

  • Try it yourself and afterward verify and validate your solution with ours.
  • Model your process in parallel with this course.
  • Or use this course to see how we apply all this and start afterward with your own process models.

It is the first case, and therefore we have selected a smaller business process to start with. As a consequence, not all the possible steps of our methodology will be applied. Nevertheless, more extensive cases will follow!

Apply what you learned

In this course, we apply your BPMN knowledge to a concrete and fully worked out a case on handling expense requests. It is a simple case, but it will allow you to reflect on the knowledge acquired in previous courses. Enjoy.


Solving a complex case is much closer to the problems you will encounter with processes in real-life, than text-book exercises.

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