BPMN Case 2: Deliver mail item

An advanced case using BPMN





What will you learn?

In this course, the Deliver mail item will be modeled step by step using the process modeling software Signavio. This case showcases the more advanced BPMN aspects and will be quite challenging for novices and experts alike.

Apply what you learned

In this course, the Deliver mail item process will be modeled step by step using the process modeling methodology used by The Master Channel. After a short introduction of the case, the parent process will be modeled using BPMN constructs. In the next modules, the subprocesses will be modeled one at a time, starting and ending within the parent process. The different steps and choices and the best practices for modeling a business process are discussed during this course.


Solving a complex case is much closer to the problems you will encounter with processes in real-life, than text-book exercises.

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Sören van Vugt

Trainer - Business Architect
As a process enthusiast, he teaches various courses in the areas of Business Process Management, Business Process Architecture and Business Process Improvement and has helped organizations in improving their processes and introducing a process-oriented way of working.
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Manu De Backer

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