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What will you learn?

This course is perfect for those who already have a basic notion of BPMN. After modeling your first few process diagrams, you come to realize that there are some intricacies you can’t quite grasp yet.Up your BPMN game with this top-rated process modeling course filled with practical examples. To make sure you’ll be rocking your BPMN game and turning theory into practice, insightful posters and class summaries are waiting for you in the end.It will be fun, trust me.

Take on the challenge

BPMN remains one of the most used business process modeling techniques worldwide and was created by the Object Management Group, but, with more than 100 visual symbols, mastering BPMN 2.0, the Business Process Model and Notation can be challenging.

Learn advanced concepts

This BPMN course does not shy away from the more advanced constructs of BPMN. You'll learn why process modeling is one of the crucial steps in business process management. After the kick-off, we take a closer look at the ten elements you should master to call yourself a process modeling pro.

Deep dive into advanced topics of BPMN

  • Gateways and how you can use them to model complex decisions
  • Patterns to start your diagram the right way
  • The various event types and their use (take note of the practical overview slide!)
  • Event subprocesses with tons of examples
  • The operational semantics of ad-hoc sub-processes
  • Transaction sub-processes and their practical use
  • Reusability on different levels
  • Special connectors and how to use them
  • How and why to add data elements to your diagram
  • The advantage of BPMN in process execution

Extensive material

With high-quality videos, challenging tests, real-life assignments, tons of BPMN examples and practical downloads, you take a trip through the various process modeling topics.
After this course, your BPMN diagrams and models will never be the same again. You can be certain they will be expertly modeled and optimized.

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Manu De Backer

Professor - Trainer - Expert BA - Process Enthusiast - Smart Process Automation - Academic Director - Product Enthusiast
His focus on business processes is relentless, and as a consultant, he has helped many organizations in optimizing their process-oriented way of working. Driven by a love for great products and customer experiences, he helps organizations thrive in a complex business environment.

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