CMMN Fundamentals

Cases are different from traditional processes. Instead of using BPMN, use CMMN to model your cases more effectively.



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What will you learn?

Did you ever use BPMN for process modeling? Yes? Then you know that a key assumption of BPMN is that we can model each process in a fixed set of steps and sequences, with an exception here and there. From that moment, it’s impossible to jump from one task or the other to deal with changing requirements. The structured process does not support this.

CMMN is here to fill the gap that BPMN has left. It can be used to describe “a process” in which we need a more flexible sequence of steps in a process. The work in a case is knowledge work that requires planning and execution depending on knowledge and experience. The knowledge worker is in control and is guided by a best-practice case model.

Want to learn more about what CMMN can do for you? Then this course is for you.

Basic concepts

This course introduces you to case management's main concepts and explain the Case Management Model & Notation standard in detail. CMMN is a graphical notation used for describing "processes" that are based on the handling of “cases” requiring various activities that may be performed in an unpredictable order in response to evolving situations.

Why not use BPMN?

Using an event-centered approach and a case file concept, CMMN expands the boundaries of what can be modeled with BPMN, including less structured "processes" and those driven by knowledge workers.
Using a combination of BPMN and CMMN allows users to cover a much broader spectrum of processes.

Extensive material

With high-quality videos, challenging tests, real-life assignments, tons of BPMN/CMMN examples and practical downloads, you take a trip through the various process modeling topics.
After this course, you will understand the Case Management Model & Notation in detail, and how it differs from traditional BPMN.
Meet the instructors
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Koen De Maesschalck

Case Management Expert
Koen is an expert in case management and works on offering companies a reliable platform solution to manage complex business processes. He has developed a hands-on approach to work out models that serve as a basis for software automation, supporting knowledge work in various industries.

Professional development

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