Event Storming on Steroids

Unleash Collaboration, Accelerate Innovation
"Event Storming is often seen as a simple collection of colorful sticky notes, but it’s actually a gateway to mastering the complexities of business processes. It transforms how teams collaborate and innovate, cutting through complexity with each sticky note we place."
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Manu De Backer
Teacher "Event storming"



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What will you learn?

In this course, "Event Storming on Steroids," you will explore the dynamic and inclusive technique of Event Storming, amplified with advanced strategies to enhance its effectiveness. Prepare to dive from high-level concepts down to the nitty-gritty details of process identification and modeling, within a highly engaging and hands-on learning environment. This course isn’t just about placing sticky notes; it’s about revolutionizing how you understand your business domain.

Practical and Hands-on

Learn a hands-on approach as we take you from theoretical understanding to practical application. This course emphasizes real-world application, ensuring you can implement Event Storming techniques immediately and effectively in any business setting.

Inclusive and Collaborative

Event Storming is celebrated for its low entry barriers—requiring just a wall and some sticky notes—and its ability to include everyone from executives to front-line employees in the discussion. This course leverages these strengths to create a collaborative environment where every participant contributes to uncovering insights and solutions.

From Big Picture to Detailed Processes

This course guides you from a high-level overview (Big Picture Modelling) to detailed process identification and modeling. Discover how to break down complex business domains into manageable components, making it easier to address specific challenges and enhance operational efficiency.

Flexibility and Link to Formal Methodologies

Learn how Event Storming aligns with and complements formal process modeling languages like BPMN. The course showcases the flexibility of Event Storming to adapt, reorder, and refine ideas, making it a dynamic tool for both beginners and seasoned professionals in process improvement.
Meet the instructors
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Manu De Backer

Professor - Trainer - Expert BA - Process Enthusiast - Smart Process Automation - Academic Director - Product Enthusiast
His focus on business processes is relentless, and as a consultant, he has helped many organizations in optimizing their process-oriented way of working. Driven by a love for great products and customer experiences, he helps organizations thrive in a complex business environment.

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