Fundamentals of Software Testing for Business Analysts

The testing world through an analyst's eye
In this course, we don’t intend to train you to become a tester. Instead, we present the ins and outs of the testing domain, with a clear focus on what you need to know as an analyst.
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Sven Vermeulen
teacher ‘Fundamentals of Software Testing for Analysts’



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What will you learn?

The world of business and functional analysis is so great because of its diversity, which is why we want to teach you yet another view. Improved communication and collaboration within your development team lie ahead.
But don't be mistaken, following this course will improve your position in the job market as well. It's a much sought after skill, and, especially combined with business analysis skills, a guarantee for great opportunities and an excellent salary
The goal of this software testing training is to grasp the basic terminology, techniques and methodologies. Then, with it, you'll be able to set out on your own journey and dive deeper into the specific concepts the test domain has to offer.

Software testing processes and techniques

Whether you act as a tester from time to time or discuss what needs to be tested with your tester, this course will guide you through the fundamentals of the test process. Consider it to be a software testing course for beginners.

Hands-on approach

After each theoretical section, you'll have to get out there and do something. This way, you'll be able to apply your learnings in practice immediately after the course.

The basics of software testing

Why do we need software testing? Spoiler: we want to find and prevent bugs; increase reliability, quality and customer satisfaction; reduce maintenance costs, and improve our process.

A closer look at the testing process

Focus on the v-model and how it affects the entire software testing process.

Down in the dirt

Let's think about the design of our tests. Discover the difference between acceptance, system, integration and unit tests. Clarify the type of test you'll be using: white box, black box, static or regression.

Measure what you know

Learn to evaluate your progress with the correct reports and measures.

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Meet the instructors
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Jens Van Gestel

Senior Business & Functional Analyst
Jens is a senior Business and Functional analyst. He has over 10 years of experience in various business areas. His expertise is focused on logistics optimizations and (mobile) integrations.
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Sven Vermeulen

Sven is a trainer at The Master Labs. He teaches a range of topics to businesses across Belgium. These topics include process modeling and management, agile methodologies, enterprise architecture, data modeling, data science, and more.

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