Introduction to User Story Mapping

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In this course, I tell you how to manage thousands of user stories. Let this collaborative tool be your guide to success!
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Pieter Hens
teacher ‘Introduction to User Story Mapping’



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What will you learn?

Like many of us, when I started as a product manager, I started with massive requirements documents, dutifully recording every little detail from stakeholders and turning them into shiny docs for the developers.
Then I discovered Agile and churned out features even faster.

But then I realized that I had been building features for years and never been quite sure whether users actually liked them or used them.Without knowing, I got caught in the “Build Trap.” And like me, many product teams are stuck in it. They are defining and shipping software with no success measures, too busy managing the backlog, and focusing on getting features out the door. Output has become more important than the outcome. Teams are focused on building anything rather than the right thing.

Then I read the book User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton – and my world changed. For me, it was the start of a path where Outcome trumps Output and Product trumps Project, where we measure what matters and take ownership of this outcome.

When stuck in the build trap, Story Mapping is one small step you can take towards this change.
Enjoy the course!

Managing user stories

Managing thousands of user stories is a nightmare. Building feature after feature feels great initially but becomes mind-numbing if you don’t measure the “success” of the features. Many product teams use the flat backlog – with many unrelated user stories - it's one of the root causes why many agile product teams fail.

The benefits of story maps

User story maps are here to help us – they present a simple tool that links product discovery to product development. This course introduces story maps and shows how they may help you to:

  • Focus on outcome and users
  • Tell the user’s story
  • Progressively add details and options
  • Prioritize features based on the outcome
  • Create release slices & development slices

Working together

More importantly, this training shows how the story map can be used as a collaborative tool that facilitates and guides your team to success.

Extensive material

Test your knowledge using the various questionnaires that guide our 36 high-quality videos.

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Meet the instructor
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Pieter Hens

Freelance product manager and coach
Pieter has been working for over 15 years in a software product development and analysis setting. In 2019 he founded Gokotta, where his mission is to spread the "product-mindset": build/do the right things for the right reasons for the right people.

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