MVPs Demystified

No more myths about minimum viable products
MVPs, or Minimum Viable Products. I haven’t seen many projects without them in the last few years. Yet still, I haven’t seen project success rates going up significantly either, despite what MVPs promise.
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Filip Hendrickx
teacher "MVPs Demystified"



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What will you learn?

A nuisance to some, enlightenment to others. Agile buzzwords and acronyms like Minimum Viable Product, Minimum Marketable Product and Minimum Lovable Product are a hot topic on discussion forums and boardrooms.

In this training, we'll discuss the confusion that exists around them. We'll explain how MVPs are an essential part of the agile way of working and getting the right products delivered efficiently.
We'll highlight an aspect often neglected in the daily race to delivery, where many people, teams and organizations focus on defining an MVP's scope. That aspect, however, is the most critical aspect of MVPs: receiving feedback and learning from it.

Determine scope and priorities

MVPs are often used to chunk up our full feature scope into manageable parts that we can implement one step at a time. This approach does not really help us decide what should be in scope or out of scope and what should be high priority or low priority.

Power of MVPs

The true power of MVPs is facilitating fast learning. Will our proposed solution actually bring the business impact and value we think it will? What assumptions need to be true to achieve this impact?

Key concepts

This course
  • will introduce MVPs as minimal validations rather than feature sets;
  • will list several analysis techniques that help discover and prioritize product or service features from a customer perspective;
  • will offer some examples of techniques to identify and prioritize assumptions and validate them;
  • will demonstrate we should not design the version of a product we can go live with upfront but rather give ourselves the freedom to stumble upon it during a series of deliberate experiments.

Extensive material

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Meet the instructor
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Filip Hendrickx

Speaker - Trainer - Coach - Consultant
Business architect meets innovator. After about 10 years in business consulting and a prior 10 years in software engineering and research, Filip Hendrickx founded altershape to help established organizations become corporate startups.

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