Seven Steps to Process Modeling Glory

Knowing BPMN is one thing. Knowing how to use it in practice another.
I have noticed that most people can grasp the BPMN details. However, few are able to hold productive process modeling sessions. I'm on a mission to change this here.
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Manu De Backer
teacher "Seven Steps to Process Modeling Glory"



Questions and answers

What will you learn?

This is one of the courses that I have been looking forward to the most. During recent years I have given many BPMN pieces of training and have led many consulting projects. I have noticed that most people can grasp the BPMN details, but this often did not result in good process modeling sessions.

In this course, we would like to give good – practical advice on building sound, clear and validated process models. And believe me, this advice will help everyone in their process modeling journey.

The course title “Seven steps to process modeling glory” reflects my ambition.  I’m convinced that when you have basic BPMN knowledge and follow the steps & guidelines offered in this course, the result of your journey will be glorious!


In this course, I start with a motivation on why we think a modeling method should be at the heart of any process improvement or process automation project.

7-step method

  1. Tackle the biggest problem
  2. Take care of providing space, time, supplies and team
  3. Start with happy flow modeling
  4. Add alternative scenarios & exceptions
  5. Add cases
  6. Finalize
  7. Organize a Process Safari

Extensive materials

The course consists of 39 high-quality videos, accompanied by several module tests to interactively test the knowledge you accumulated. 
The great thing about this method is that we tried it - many times. It just works!

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Meet the instructors
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Sören van Vugt

Trainer - Business Architect
As a process enthusiast, he teaches various courses in the areas of Business Process Management, Business Process Architecture and Business Process Improvement and has helped organizations in improving their processes and introducing a process-oriented way of working.
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Manu De Backer

Professor - Trainer - Expert BA - Process Enthusiast - Smart Process Automation - Academic Director - Product Enthusiast
His focus on business processes is relentless, and as a consultant, he has helped many organizations in optimizing their process-oriented way of working. Driven by a love for great products and customer experiences, he helps organizations thrive in a complex business environment.

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