The UX Landscape

A guide on transforming requirements into an interface
Digital products only offer added value as long as they meet the user and business needs in the most efficient way possible. We explain how we can convert these abstract needs into a tangible and user-friendly interface using a design process.
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Seeger Mattijs
teacher ‘The UX Landscape’



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What will you learn?

Did you know that a poor user experience can be deadly? Both people and businesses can suffer from a bad user experience. In this course, I'll teach you where user experience comes from and what this term covers. Specifically, we will look at the user experience of digital products. Digital products only add value if they meet the user's and business's needs in the most efficient way possible. Using a design process, we discover step by step how to turn an idea into a tangible and well-substantiated interface.This course will teach you what user experience is and how to build better products.

Build quality interfaces

Inconsistencies, unnecessary steps, uncertainty about what to do, lack of trust, we all came across interfaces that caused these feelings. But how do we create interfaces that provide the opposite experience? Some useful tips and tricks will ensure that your application will convert more and your users will be more satisfied.

You will understand

  • The UX landscape
  • How to transform requirements into a usable interface
  • The different steps in a design process
  • What branding is
  • The importance of a design system and what it involves
  • How to share designs with developers
  • How to test whether an interface is usable or not
  • The difference between heuristics, guidelines, and standards

You will be able to

  • Create feature maps
  • Create information architectures
  • Design wireflows
  • Build substantiated wireframes

Extensive material

13 assignments are provided to keep the course interactive, while providing necessary theoretical concepts through the 37 high-quality videos.
Meet the instructor
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Seeger Mattijs

Freelance software designer
Born to design a more user-friendly (ww)world. Currently working as a freelance software designer to help clients create valuable and usable applications.

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