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Agile metrics: what to measure?

Starting with agile is easy, but measuring agile right is hard. Get your questions answered in this course.

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How do we know if we're still on track? How do you even define "on track" in an agile project? Are we fast enough? Is our product good enough?
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Pieter Van Driessche

teacher ‘Agile metrics: what to measure?

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Course description

This course is the first "Tools & Resources" course on The Master Channel. It's where teachers share thoughts on and details of their favorite templates, experimental techniques, insightful data sets, practical tools and thought-provoking resources.

During most agile transformations, metrics are a hot topic. They're used to track progress and visualize improvement. "Are we fast enough?" "Is our product good enough?"

These metrics can get very tricky very quickly. There are two major problems you will probably face:

  • What does each metric actually measure? Or, what is the goal of the metric?

  • How to choose between all those metrics?

This course helps you with both questions.

To do so, we go over five different metric groups, based on a spreadsheet created by me, Pieter Van Driessche. For each encountered group, I explain the most valuable, surprising and interesting measures! The groups we'll discuss are:

  • Build the right thing

  • Build it right

  • Build it fast

  • Do it on time

  • Keep doing it

Beware: the purpose of this course is not to go over each measure in detail. This spreadsheet was created to help you discover and measure progress and improvement within your team and project.



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      Download the spreadsheet

  1. Five metric groups

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      Build it right

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      Build the right thing

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      Build it fast

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      Do it on time

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      Keep on doing it

  2. Setup of the research

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      Setup of the research

Why follow this course?

Starting with agile is easy, but measuring agile right is hard. How do we know if we're still on track, for instance? How do you even define "on track" in an agile project? 

There are so many ways you can monitor the progress of an agile project, it's normal to feel overwhelmed. Measuring agility might very well be one of the biggest challenges you'll face, but luckily I'm here to help and advise you. We will look at ways to measure progress in an agile project from different standpoints.

About the teacher

Pieter Van Driessche

Agile Coach - Analyst - Agile Manager - Agile Trainer - Project Manager

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Pieter is an expert in coaching teams and organizations towards an Agile mindset. That mindset reflects his personal values: ownership, autonomy, self-reflection, incremental delivery, and motivation.

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