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The Story Behind Scrum Roles

Are the right people doing the right kind of work? Find out in this course!

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Any Scrum project is a complicated mix of tasks. We need to design, plan and build, but also manage and monitor. Are we sure the right people are assigned the right tasks?
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Pieter Van Driessche

teacher ‘The Story Behind Scrum Roles

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Course description

Any Scrum project is a complicated mix of tasks. We need to design, plan and build but also manage and monitor. Are we sure the right people are assigned the right tasks to apply scrum into practice?

In this course, I answer exactly this question. The core of this training is the spreadsheet you can download in the next section. I’ll go through how I compiled the spreadsheet to make sure you understand every step, but the real value can be found when you download it and use it as a tool. It will help you to determine if and to what extent the roles and responsibilities you have defined in your team match with what they should be doing according to the Scrum framework to maximize your success potential!

First of all, I'd like to discuss how I approached this training. It covers all the team-related roles in a scrum team, but we start by listing all the possible tasks and roles within and around a product team. Before we can dive into the spreadsheet together, some remarks and assumptions need some clarifications.

In the next module, we discuss how to use the spreadsheet. The starting point of the discussion is an overview of all 7 roles. They each have their specific skill set, has access to certain information, are motivated by something and focuses on a particular result. This is the most important thing to remember when using the spreadsheet.

Keeping that basic premise in mind will help you when we dive into the details. These details will help you understand why the roles in Scrum are what they are. However, it’s important to recall the final note of the course when using the spreadsheet in practice.



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      Download the spreadsheet here

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      Tasks and roles


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  1. How to use the spreadsheet

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  2. Conclusion

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      A final note


Why follow this course?

Did you just follow your first scrum training and receive your certificate? Great. But what now? How do you put this agile methodology into practice? You want your team to adopt Scrum but need to know why your team members should accept and adjust to these new roles?

Or maybe your organization has embraced the agile Scrum values a long time ago, but you still wonder how Scrum roles differ from traditional project execution roles. Either way, you’re left with many unanswered questions on what these Scrum roles mean in real life.

  • Where did the project manager go in Scrum teams?

  • And why do we want the Team to estimate the work, and are the project managers or technical specialists not cut out for this anymore?

  • Who do we want to manage the product backlog and why?

  • What does it mean to be a scrum master or a scrum product owner? What are all those people with official certifications like PSM and PSPO supposed to do?

Find out the answer to these questions in the second online Scrum course on The Master Channel. A basic notion of Scrum is necessary before starting this course. Luckily we’ve got you covered with our course A Smarter Introduction To Scrum.

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Pieter Van Driessche

Agile Coach - Analyst - Agile Manager - Agile Trainer - Project Manager

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Pieter is an expert in coaching teams and organizations towards an Agile mindset. That mindset reflects his personal values: ownership, autonomy, self-reflection, incremental delivery, and motivation.

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