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The challenge of keeping up with the state-of-the-art analysis techniques

I tried different online courses; I even followed them parallel at a certain point in time. It didn’t take me long to realize The Master Channel is the best in the market regarding Analysis skills. That’s also what we see in practice: our consultants gain knowledge much quicker.
Stefan Lodewijckx
Practice Manager Business Process Excellence
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The Challenge

For more than 25 years, Devoteam guides clients towards a successful digital future. They realize an efficient integration and rapid adoption of innovative solutions. When doing so, Devoteam always puts people at the heart of what they do. A crucial part of realizing this vision is providing their employees with high-end learning resources to upskill themselves in the best way possible. “At Devoteam, our consultants have to come up with the right solution for our customers’ problems in digital transformation. If our consultants are outdated regarding analysis skills and methodologies, their solutions will be outdated too!” tells Stefan Lodewijckx, Practice Manager Business Process Excellence at Devoteam.
Keeping up with the state-of-the-art analysis techniques has now become even more challenging than ever before, explains Stefan: “Some people say that if you stop educating yourself for three years, your knowledge is outdated. I’d say that it’s not a matter of years, but a matter of months. Today, we experience that the needed analysis skills are changing rapidly. Keeping yourself up-to-date regarding those skills (collecting system requirements, process modeling, data processing, etc.) is more important than ever before.”
When searching for a learning platform that could give Devoteam consultants those skills, their paths crossed with The Master Channel: “As a learning organization, it’s a big challenge to always provide your employees with the most up-to-date courses to keep them growing and improving in their job. That’s why we needed a partner that could cater to our needs. And that’s exactly what The Master Channel has done. They make sure our consultants always have access to courses that provide them with the right analysis skills”, explains Stefan.

The Collaboration

Ken Nelissen, Principal Consultant at Devoteam, explains the role of The Master Channel for different employee profiles at Devoteam: “We use The Master Channel for varying profiles in our organization. At the beginning of someone’s journey at Devoteam, The Master Channel’s BPMN fundamentals and Business Analysis Foundations courses are a great way to onboard employees regarding analysis skills. And I’m not only talking about junior profiles but also experienced consultants. We encourage them to upskill their analysis knowledge via The Master Channel. By doing so, we minimize the gap between business and IT.”
Experienced consultants benefit from the collaboration with The Master Channel as well: “We encourage them to keep on learning. Those people have loads of know-how, but they are often not up-to-date with the latest hot-topics in analysis”, adds Stefan. “For those people, the recently added bite-sized courses on The Master Channel are just great. Even if they don’t have many hours to spend on learning, they can acquire new knowledge in a 30-min course. Because people can watch an episode whenever they want on their mobile; while taking the train, for example.”

The Result

The theory is a great start, but it only gets interesting when you can apply it in practice. The Master Channel is the best of both worlds. Our consultants acquire knowledge that is immediately applicable in practice.
Ken Nelissen
Principal Consultant
Stefan shares many great stories about how their employees benefit from courses on The Master Channel: “A high-experienced Process Analyst watched some courses on this topic. She told me she learned several things she didn’t know in the BPMN Fundamentals course. What’s more, in the advanced Seven Steps to Process Modeling Glory course, she picked up some practical tips and tricks that worked out really well in her projects.”
Stefan praises the vendor-independent nature of the courses: “One day, someone was working on an internal RPA-project with little experience in the domain. He already followed software-specific training about RPA, but it was until he watched the Understanding RPA – Robotic Processing Automation course on The Master Channel that all the pieces fit together. It gave him a much more holistic view on RPA, instead of immediately going into the specifics of a software solution”.
Even though The Master Channel is already widely used at Devoteam, there is no time to slow down. Ken reveals to us their next steps: “Soon, we want to connect people with the same interest and let them discuss what they learned so that they can share their experiences. By organizing this mix between classroom and online training, we want to encourage them, even more, to keep on learning every day.”
“Within Devoteam, I’m a true ambassador of The Master Channel. It’s the perfect learning partner for us. And last but not least, the support from The Master Channel staff is great!” concludes Stefan.
As The Master Channel, we would like to thank Stefan and Ken for these great words. We can only be proud of our cooperation with Devoteam, and we’ll continue to make sure analysts and architects need no other life-long learning resource.

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