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How to create a continuous (hybrid) learning culture

The Master Channel is a game-changer. The cost of a license is almost nothing compared to everything you get in return. Every course is one-of-a-kind, highly curated and always relevant to our consultants’ needed skillset.
Geert Broodcoorens
Competence Center Lead
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The Challenge

Like almost every other business today, Talent-IT faces the challenge of creating and stimulating a continuous (e-)learning culture amongst its employees. However, unlike most other companies, Talent-IT succeeds at it. So how do they do this, and how does The Master Channel assist them in this endeavor? You'll find out in this exciting case!
There are always two (or more) sides to a story, right? That is why we spoke with Geert Broodcoorens and Jente De Smet. This is their story. Let’s start by introducing them!
Geert is Competence Center Lead at Talent-IT and probably one of the most enthusiastic and inspiring people we've ever met. Thanks to his contagious optimism, every employee at Talent-IT is uplifted and encouraged every. single. day!
Jente recently graduated as a Marketeer, but he fell in love with IT during his internship in his last year of college. Although Jente's IT/analysis knowledge was not up to standard to start working in the industry, he was able to kick-start his career as a Functional Analyst thanks to the dedicated training program for starters at the Cookie Crunchers (a subsidiary of Talent-IT)!
Geert eagerly explains more about the competence center they’re building within Talent-IT: ”The competence center is for everyone, by everyone, and thanks to everyone. This means that all our analysts, junior to senior, internal and external, are part of an engaging community where the mutual goal is to continuously help and improve each other!”
Today's consultancy world is challenging, especially in IT, remarks Geert. It’s a challenge to keep consultants closely connected to the company and their colleagues. For Talent-IT, their competence center plays an essential role in this. They give/share webinars, post interesting finds & courses, organize personal check-ins, … and much more!
The best learning experience we could ever imagine!
Jente De Smet
Functional Analyst

The Collaboration

Everyone that starts to work at Talent-IT / The Cookie Crunchers immediately receives an account on The Master Channel shares Jente. He continues, “Some courses are obligatory, while others are recommended based on experience, knowledge and personal interests. One of the advantages of this is that everyone shares the same expertise on specific topics and uses the same techniques & terminology.”
Jente also told us a fun fact: “at Talent-IT, we have a yearly budget, or ‘credits’, to spend on various things such as external training, equipment etc. The exciting thing is that we do not only get this budget to spend, which is the case in most other companies, we can actually increase that budget by doing various things such as reading a book, attending an event, but also by completing a course and gaining a certificate on The Master Channel!

The Result

The Master Channel fills the gap with courses in areas such as Business & Functional Analysis, Digital Transformation, etc. Geert reveals: “Other e-learning platforms are often more expensive, offer lower-quality content and sometimes even multiple courses on the same topics, leaving our consultants with difficulties & time-loss trying to find a decent course.
The Master Channel is a game-changer. The cost of a license is almost nothing compared to everything you get in return, explains Geert. ”Every course is one-of-a-kind, highly curated and always relevant to our consultants’ needed skillset.”
What’s more, at Talent-IT, they combine The Master Channel with the best practice-based live trainings & sessions from The Master Labs Academy. Geert carries on: “This combination creates the best learning experience we could ever imagine!”

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