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The Master Channel and VDAB are teaming up for a more empowered workforce. Follow some of our most popular courses for free.

VDAB ❤ The Master Channel

Because of our cooperation with VDAB, anyone in Flanders, jobseeker or employee, can now enjoy some of our most popular courses for free. Upskill and empower yourself now.

How does it work?

So, how do you access this offering? Could not be simpler:

After clicking on one of the links below, you will have the option to register for the course as either a jobseeker, or an employee.

There are the courses sponsored by VDAB:

Crash Course Cyber Security

Essential Agile Analysis Skills

BPMN Cookbook

BPMN Fundamentals

Visual Thinking

Agile Dilemma's - How to choose

User Story Splitting

The Ultimate Guide to User Stories

Introduction to User Story Mapping

Advanced Stakeholder Analysis

After registering for one of these courses and starting the course in the VDAB system, you will be transferred back to The Master Channel and you will be able to start following your course.