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Scrum Implemented: a guide to real-life success

Discover how to implement Scrum in the real world. Face the challenges ahead.

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We've all heard about Scrum. A set of roles, rules, and outputs to guide software development or any development in an agile way. In theory, it should help you deliver value to your customers faster, work with more flexibility, and still maintain control over the whole process.

But most of what you've learned from your Scrum courses so far is probably theory, right? We believe it's time to get down into the dirt, venture out into the real world. Discover how to implement Scrum and use it in practice.

This course does just that. We visit or perhaps revisit for some of you the essential elements in the Scrum framework and the Scrum process. Along the way, we provide answers to the practical challenges you will undoubtedly face.

This course presents a practical approach to the problems you might face in Scrum. We grouped our discussion into six topics.

A daily scrum or standup is the starting topic. A short and sweet topic, or it should be. Here you'll learn how long your standup should take, who should participate and what questions need to be answered. Maybe you've encountered one of the following challenges already: a standup lasting longer than half an hour or various status updates with different stakeholders taking valuable time out of your day. Not anymore after this course!

Next up, we discuss the role of the product owner. You'll learn about their two primary responsibilities: planning and creating the work and ordering the backlog. Unfortunately, he faces some challenges in his day-to-day work as well. Discover how to deal with the apparent lack of control and how multiple product owners can work together.

Nothing as elusive as being a Scrum master. The facilitator, coach and problem solver of the team. In this part, you'll discover that the job of a Scrum master has its challenges. Firstly, they must understand there's an essential difference between being a leader and a manager. Secondly, they must make sure not to fall asleep and keep striving for continuous improvement while being assertive enough.

Next up are the sprint ceremonies - or events or meetings as a human being might like to call them. Sprint planning is typically the most elaborate meeting of all. First, the team agrees on the work that can be taken up from the sprint backlog.

At the end of the sprint, there are two more ceremonies: the sprint retrospective, where the team strives for continuous improvement, and the sprint review, where stakeholders can give feedback on the product increment. Each ceremony has its challenges, but you'll know how to face them thanks to this course!



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  1. Scrum in the real world

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      The daily scrum


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      The product owner


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      The Scrum master


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Why follow this course?

By now, you’ve probably heard about Scrum multiple times. The different roles, different meetings, or set of possible outputs.

But just knowing about what this agile methodology contains is not enough. To really get the most out of Scrum, we must dare venture further into the real world.

How is it used? What should you look out for once you get down there in the dirt?

In this Scrum training, we want to prepare you for Scrum in the real world. With a set of videos on the different aspects of Scrum, we want to help you answer the most trying questions. Then, use them as your inspiration to put Scrum into practice.

About the teachers

Koen De keersmaecker

Founder of Bizzuals - Lean & Agile Expert - Bikablo Certified Global Visualization Trainer and Coach

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Koen is an energetic and multi-skilled creative centipede. At times also a speaker, entrepreneur, blogger, reader, freethinker. But there is more … Koen is a popular visualization trainer and visual coach at the intersection of Business Agility, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking

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Pieter Van Driessche

Agile Coach - Analyst - Agile Manager - Agile Trainer - Project Manager

Pieter Van Driessche in front of green backgroundTeacher Logo

Pieter is an expert in coaching teams and organizations towards an Agile mindset. That mindset reflects his personal values: ownership, autonomy, self-reflection, incremental delivery, and motivation.

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